The Backlash of Feminism




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I’ve noticed an alarming tendency with
American women in romantic relationships. 
It’s the tendency to engage in male-bashing and to disempower the men in
their lives. 

I blame the feminist movement for this
male-bashing.  Overall the feminist
movement did many great things for women, but now with hindsight I can see the
serious gaps in consciousness and rationality. 
The great thing about the feminist movement is that it brought women
roughly on par with men in most social and economic situations.  Women became eligible to do the same jobs as
men and were valued for their work in the world as never before (even if it’s
still about 73% of how men are valued financially). 

The problem; and I believe it’s a very
serious problem, is that in creating parity, women were elevated by devaluing
men.  The other problem is that we were
expected to act like men to be on par with them, rather than be honored for who
we are as women.

Women and men are not the same, nor should
we ever try to pretend we are.  We each
have our unique and wonderful traits. 
When we try to be like men, we dishonor our feminine essence.  We also dishonor the men in our lives when we
take over those qualities that are inherently male.  Women in
America have learned to act like men over the past fifty or
sixty years.  We’ve taken over the
bedroom and the boardroom, and we’re sending mixed messages. 

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