Are You Hoarding Love?


Are You Hoarding Love?
Did you know you can hoard emotions, not just things? Check out these tips on how to stop hoarding.

Take everything out of the closet, then sweep or vacuum the floor of the closet and dust the shelves. Make three piles of all the items that were in the closet: KEEP, DONATE, and TRASH. Be rigorous with this process! My general rule is that if I haven’t worn or used something in two years, it gets donated. The TRASH pile is for items that are no longer usable at all. Return the items in the KEEP pile neat and organized back into the closet. Pack up the DONATE pile and bring it to your favorite donation place.

I’ll bet that while you’re cleaning out your physical closets, you’ll have your own epiphany about the thoughts and beliefs you’ve been hoarding. Enjoy the process!

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