The Answer is LOVE


5.      You are your own worst critic

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.  If you ever find yourself playing Judge, Martyr or Victim, those are roles played by people who could stand a little more self-love in their life.


Here are some very simple ways you can open to receive more love:

1.      Stand in front of a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and say, “I love you.  And what I love about you is this: (insert one thing you love about yourself).”  You might feel silly or uncomfortable at first, but keep at it.  I burst into tears the first time I did this exercise, and I remember it vividly even though it was over ten years ago.

2.      Start a Gratitude Journal.  At the end of every day, write down at least three things you’re grateful for.  They can be small or large things, what matters is that you are able to bring up the feeling of gratitude before you go to sleep each night.  That will help reset your central nervous system to receive more good stuff.

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