The Answer is LOVE


umper sticker on my car that proclaims this truth.

All of the problems I’ve personally encountered have been due to me or someone I love feeling unloved or unlovable in some way.  When I’ve restored the feeling of being loved, the problem disappears.  The same is true of all my clients, past and present, for all of their problems.  It’s true whether the problem is related to work, health, family, sex, or romance.


I realize this is a pretty bold statement.  All of our problems can be solved by opening to love.  Specifically, we solve them by opening to love for ourselves.  How does this work?  And what if you already think you love yourself?  The good news is that you probably do already love yourself.  And there’s always room for more love.

Some signs that you could benefit from allowing yourself to receive more love include:

1.      You judge other people’s behaviors

2.      You blame others when something goes wrong in your life

3.      You are the “go-to” person whenever anyone needs help

4.      You rarely, if ever, ask for help for yourself

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