Ain't Misbehaving? Try It!




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The October edition of Psychology Today
featured an article on misbehaving.  In
it, the author states that “Misbehaving, or acting in ways we'd normally deem
improper, can be good for our souls. It can boost our mood, leave us with a
sense of liberation, get our creative juices flowing, and make for great

Sign me up! 
I would add that misbehaving can also be a wonderful antidote to a stale
relationship.  I’m not suggesting you do
anything to harm another person or create negative consequences.  I’m only suggesting that nice guys (and gals)
finish last for a reason.  Variety is the
spice of life, and a healthy sprinkling of variety makes everyone feel

I see so many people sitting in the
bleachers of life with the “shoulda, coulda, wouldas,” when they could be out
on the field playing the game instead. 
When was the last time you did something that scared you?  When was the last time you had breakfast food
for dinner?  And I’m not talking about
that bowl of cereal you had that time you came home from work too late to cook
a real meal.

Children are great models for misbehaving in
innocent ways.  Although, when that
innate sense of creativity and adventure is squelched for too long, when it
finally finds an outlet it could be a little less innocent.  I remember the first time my daughter asked
me for macaroni and cheese for breakfast. 
She was about four years old, and I told her, “No silly, mac ‘n cheese
isn’t for breakfast.”  She came back with
a gem.  She said, “Silly mom, my belly
can’t tell time!”  She’s right, and I
acquiesced.  Every once in awhile she
still gets mac ‘n cheese for breakfast.

Here are some ways you can misbehave with
your partner and have lots of fun.

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