6 Tips for Living Authentically


6 Tips for Living Authentically

5.      BREATHE.  Forget this,
and the rest of it’s a moot point. 
J  Shallow,
rapid breathing is a sure sign you’re getting wound up about something.  It’s a sign that you’re drinking the poison
rather than transforming it to nectar. 
Breath is a powerful aid in this alchemical process. 

6.      LOVE.  I’ve been
doing a lot of Soul Readings because of the special I’m running this month, and
I’ve been reminded repeatedly that no matter why we think we’re here and what
we think we’re here to do, we are all here to remember love.  We are here to love, to be loved, and to help
others return to love.  Above all, we are
here to remember how to love ourselves for being a unique spark of Divine
consciousness.  And that is the sweetest
nectar of all.

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