6 Tips for Living Authentically


6 Tips for Living Authentically

2.      Ground yourself.  Ground
yourself into the earth; connecting with nature is a great way to return to the
present moment.  When we don’t feel
grounded, we don’t feel safe.  And when
we don’t feel safe, we are unable to rise up and fly, either physically or

3.      Be compassionate and gentle with
  This is a tall order for Americans.  Our society is so other-oriented, we’re
taught from the time we’re young children to strive to be our best and to
compete against others.  But if we don’t
rest, we burn out.  I have to constantly
remind myself to be gentler with myself. 
A contemplation to help with this is to ask yourself, “What am I not
giving myself credit for?” 

4.      Remember:  life is about the journey, not the
  I remember, and then I forget, over and
over.  I just want it to be done some
days, but then I remember my belief that when we’re done, we’re dead.  I’m not ready to be dead, so I might as well
enjoy the journey.

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