5 Ways to Spice Up a Relationship


5 Ways to Spice Up a Relationship

3.      Role playing:  Have you been a bad girl lately?  Do you want to see how much fun it can
be?  Or maybe you want to play the
nervous virgin?  Much of the fun in role
playing is in talking about it with your partner in advance; setting the stage,
so to speak.

4.      Lingerie:   Every man I know is a sucker for sexy
lingerie, even if all he wants to do is rip it off you.  Walk into the bedroom in some lingerie and
high heels, and he’ll be putty in your hands. 
Nothing is too smutty when it comes to lingerie; consider it dress up
gear, and maybe it’ll even spark more role-playing.


5.      Talk dirty:  Do you want to have more passion while “in
the act”?  Tell him what you like, and
don’t be shy about it.  You don’t even
have to use explicit words (although they will act like a shot of adrenaline in
his you-know-what).  You can say things
like, “I love it when you lick me there,” or “I love it how you fill me up like

None of these tips are a replacement for a
deep heart connection, but a funny thing happens when you use them.  Although they’re totally physical, they
usually make your man feel more connected to you emotionally.  They shake up the routine and he suddenly
sees you in a new light, which is very attractive to him.

For the piece de resistance, try keeping
your eyes open as you kiss and even as you make love.  There is a deep heart connection that occurs
when a couple is willing and able to be that intimate.  It might take a few tries, and it certainly
takes a willingness to open yourself to your partner and show your
vulnerability.  It has the potential to
bring your relationship to incredible heights. 
Enjoy the practice!

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