5 Ways to Be a Better Girlfriend


4.      Confidence is a huge turn on for men. When a man asks, for example, where you want to go for dinner, have an opinion.  I know as women we want our man to make decisions and have opinions, but I’ll let you in on a secret.  They would love to have their woman take the reins once in awhile.  It’s a lot of work for them to always take the lead.  The same goes for sex:  guys go wild for a woman who’s willing to take the initiative once in awhile.  And seriously, a little goes a long way!  If you take the lead and start undressing your man, he’ll have food for his imagination for weeks to come.  

5.      Enthusiasm and confidence go hand in hand.  A confident, negative woman is a ball-buster.  A confident, enthusiastic woman is absolutely irresistible.  That’s not to say you can never have a bad day, but your ratio of positive to negative comments should be at least 10:1.  This rule of thumb will serve you well in every relationship, not just romantic ones.  Men are linear thinkers.  If you have enthusiasm for your job, or for a movie you just saw, they will project that out to enthusiasm for the relationship, and for sex… and they like that.

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