How To Use Resilience To Face Challenges

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The 3 critical elements of resilience can help you get what you want!

If these are questions are difficult to answer, ask a friend, a coach, a mentor, or a therapist to help you in separating your supportive beliefs from those that keep you small. The key is to stay in the solution, not the problem. Can some of life's challenges be problematic? Of course! Again, it's a matter of choosing response versus reaction to bring desired results. Most failure occurs because people either fail to effectively plan, they don't effectively communicate their plan or they simply give up in the face of adversity. Do you want to add your dreams to the junk pile or the mountain of jewels? It is truly your choice.

Of greater concern, what we are teaching our children when we lack resilience? Studies have shown that resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary. Most of what we need to make our dreams come true lies within. It is in learning how to harness our strengths that success is made. Can we allow our youth to see us give up or quit because life is too tough to handle? 5 Tips For Moms & Dads On Bonding With Their Kids


The model that children most likely follow and truly want to follow is that of the parent or guardian. We have a supreme responsibility to set the course for not only our success, but for the success of generations to come. This can be accomplished by continued commitment and passion for our dreams and making them happen. It can also occur when we are challenged and in how we manage such obstacles. Our youth today is watching our every move. They are looking for model behavior to help them succeed in a world that has greater demands every day. We are tasked with demonstrating the commitment necessary to fulfill our desires through our resilience. The results will show in the choices that our children make, and we must accept responsibility for those choices before they are made.

Here are 5 hints that resilience is showing up in your child's life:

    1. Is your child expressing a desire to improve their grades?

    2. Does your child ask for your assistance in their projects?

    3. Are your child's accomplishments being acknowledged by them?

    4. Can your child tell a story of how they have overcome a challenge in life?

    5. Are you indentifying completion in your child's activities?

These are simple ways to see if it is happening or not. If not, you may want to emphasize some of these areas with your child after having taken responsibility for your part. Since each child is as unique, it is important to discover what motivates them and then support, reward, and discipline accordingly. How it worked for us may not be how it needs to work for them.

Remember, children get most of their input from parents and guardians, but not all. Particularly in the digital age, influences abound and we must be conscious of what our children’s interests are and support them as long as they are nurturing and beneficial. Sometimes seeing the benefit is the hard part for us adults. Give children the room they need to express themselves. 5 Things Your Kids Should Know About Their Online Reputation

Most important to remember is that resilience comes from experience and taking risks. "Wisdom is knowledge and the awareness of its limitations." — Viktor Frankl.

Resources: American Psychology Association

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