The Top 5 Ways to Recognize a MAN From A Boy


The Top 5 Ways to Recognize a MAN From A Boy
Are you the type of woman who jumps into relationships only to find out later that the guy you are w

After being in a relationship for months and sometimes even years, many women often realize that the guy they are involved with isn't relationship material. Upon reflection many of these women will admit that had they taken their time and gotten to know the guy a lil before they jumped into a relationship with him they would have never started the relationship in the first place. They would've realized that he was a boy who wasn't ready or right for a relationship. Below are the 5 Top ways to recognize a MAN who is ready for a relationship from a boy who isn't.

Tip #1: A MAN is interested in more than sex. A MAN realizes that sex is an important part of a relationship but it's not the only part. A real man knows that in order to keep be happy that he must satisfy his women in and out of the bedroom.


A boy is only interested in sex and the physical pleasure he can get from it. A boy does not care about a woman for anything more than what she can do to satisfy his libido.

Tip #2: A MAN isn't afraid of commitment. A man welcomes the idea of sharing his life with a woman who makes him happier and his life better. A man has no problem committing when he knows the woman is the right person to share his life with.

A boy is afraid of commitment. Often, a boy's fear of commitment will come out in the form of an excuse such as "I don't want to be tied down" or guys weren't meant to get married. These are nothing more than excuses that a boy uses to rationalize and justify why he is unwilling to commit to a woman.

Tip #3: A MAN is selfless. He understands the importance of keeping his woman happy and recognizes how important it is that her needs are met in their relationship. A man is willing to make sacrifices for the best interest of his relationship. A man chooses to care for his woman not because he has to but because he wants to.

A boy is selfish. He only cares about his own wants & needs. A boy lives in the moment & does not care about how his thoughts, words and actions will affect a woman.

Tip #4: A MAN takes responsibility for his words and actions. A real man will take the credit when he does something well. He also isn't afraid to take the credit for when he screws up. A MAN realizes that he isn't perfect and he has no problem owning up to any time he lets his partner down.

A boy makes excuses. Instead of taking responsibility for anything he does which hurts or angers his partner a boy will often make excuses. The most common way a boy does this is by blaming the woman and making it her fault. The second most common way a boy does this is by justifying his behavior. A boy doesn't care about how his actions affect his partner. A boy is only concerned with one thing...doing what he wants to do

Tip #5; A MAN keeps his word. A man of integrity says what he does and does what he says. If a MAN says he is going to call he does. And if somehow something comes up he acknowledges that he didn't keep his agreement. A MAN has no problem admitting when he screws up and he does his best to clean up his messes in a way that shows his partner that it is important for her to know that she can rely on him.

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