Does The Mind-Body Connection Really Exist?


Does The Mind-Body Connection Really Exist?
IS there a mind-body connection and if there is can a person use that connection in finding love?

Now, before I go into my thoughts & feelings about the mind-body connection and whether it does exist. I’ll simply say I am not a neuro-scientist and it is not my area of expertise. But I’m also not an electrician. But I do know that if I turn on the switch in my living room, the lights mysteriously go on. Do I care why the lights go on...NO! I don’t care about why something happens, I simply care that it does.

If you’re the type of person who needs to understand the science behind something simply go over to your computer and type in “mind-body connection”. You will instantly pull up 501,000 searches. If you want to waste your time trying to read through all of those links trying to find scientific proof, knock yourself out.


I’ll save you some time. There are those who believe and can prove scientifically that there is a mind-body connection and there are those who say that you can’t scientifically prove that a mind-body connection exists.

So, who do you believe?

Since this is a field I have studied and been involved with for years I can unequivocally say that based on my own personal experience it does exist. I have seen and experienced too many things in my life to think that there is not something bigger out there which causes things to happen in our lives….including finding the love we desire.

Why is it some individuals can find love and live happily ever after? Yet, others continue to struggle and go from one bad relationship to another. Is it that the relationship gods simply favor one person over another? I used to think that, until I experienced the mind-body connection helping me find my wife Natalie.

There was a time in my life where I had pretty much given up on women and the idea of living happily ever after. I had put everything I had into making an ex-fiancée happy and making the relationship work and you know what happened. No matter how much I tried to make the square peg fit in the round hole it still didn’t fit. We wound up calling off the wedding just 30 days before we were supposed to walk down the aisle.

I walked away from that experience saying “WTF” to myself. If I had put everything I had into a relationship and it still didn’t work out I guess I was destined to be alone for the rest of my life.

So what does this have to do with the mind-body connection?

After calling off the wedding I was pretty sour on women and relationships but there was something deep inside of me which told me not to give up. Up until that point in my life my “mind” believed that women were all psycho and were only interested in guys who had a lot of money and bulging biceps…neither of which I had.

Because my mind believed women didn’t want to be with a “nice guy “ (something I had been told and experienced many times), I kept attracting the wrong type of women into my life.

Then something shifted. I began online dating and all of a sudden I began to meet a ton of nice women.

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