How A DWTS Judge Found Love Online


How A DWTS Judge Found Love Online
Carrie Ann Inalba, one of the judges of DWTS, recently admitted she found love via online dating

Imagine if you were a beautiful 43 year old woman who is a star on one of the most popular shows on television. You would think that you would have men crawling all over you wouldn’t you? You would think that in all the glamour and glitz of Hollywood you would have actors, agents and all other entertainers vying for the chance to get to go out with you.

But no matter how much money and fame you have you would still have the same problem that every other single woman has. Finding the right guy to share your life with. Because unfortunately in the celebrity world many women have men pining for them simply because of their celebrity status.


So what does a woman who is in the spotlight do to meet her magic man? Well, she does what 50 million other single women do, she goes online (incognito of course). This is exactly what happened to Carrie Ann Inalba, one of the judges on the super popular TV show, Dancing With The Stars.

Carrie recently admitted to USA Today that she met her fiancée online. After stating that she was frustrated with the superficial world of Hollywood and being tired of men who were more enamored with her celebrity status, she decided to take her love life into her own hands and try online dating.

And it worked. Carrie ultimately wound up meeting a guy who swept her off her feet. A regular guy who is able to love her for who she is, not what she has.
I know that if you are reading this you’re saying one of two things: 1) She got lucky and 2) Online dating doesn’t work.

I’d like to address each of your concerns. First, I truly don’t believe Inalba got lucky. I think she made her own luck. She saw what wasn’t working in her life and she decided to take some action. But what is most important is she used her head. She knew that because of her celebrity status she had to limit what she said and how she said it. She did not initially post her picture nor did she advertise that she was one of the judges on DWTS. She knew that the right guy would have to love her for who she was. She did not lie but she did not reveal the whole truth.

This was a very smart approach and it helped increase her chances of finding a guy that was right for her.

Carrie did not let her emotions and her loneliness cloud her judgment. The truth is that in the dating world, online and off, there are men with ulterior motives. Whether those motives are to just get a woman into bed, scam them for money or to go out with a woman just because she has fame and fortune.

It makes no difference what the agenda is. If you are aware that men like this exist you can do things which greatly increase your chances of avoiding them. And even if one flies under your radar you will be equipped to spot him quickly.

The second thing you’re probably saying is online dating doesn’t work. And I agree it doesn’t work for everyone. Nothing does. There is no magic pill, quick fix or single bullet for any challenge in life. There are always multiple roads that lead to the same destination. Whether that destination is losing weight, making money or finding your soul mate.

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