Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?


Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?
This article explains why your dating choices may be insane

If you were alive in the 80’s and you were out of diapers you probably remember an infomercial with Susan Powter. Back then Susan was the queen of the infomercial. There wouldn’t be a day that went by where you wouldn’t see her face screaming back at you while yelling “Stop the Insanity”. Susan was all over the TV hawking her weight loss and fitness products.

Susan’s pitch was no matter how much you want to get fit if you keep making unhealthy choices you will continue to struggle with your weight. Well, no matter how much one may have found Susan and her approach annoying or even too confrontational she was speaking the truth.


The other day when I was thinking about possible titles for this week’s material I suddenly had a thought flash and Susan Powter’s name popped into my head. Now I haven’t seen or heard anything about Susan Powter in well over 10 years. Honestly, I don’t know if she is alive or dead.

But I understand why out of the blue, her name popped into my head.

You see Susan’s mantra doesn’t just apply to losing weight. It applies to almost every aspect of our lives. As human beings we are fascinating creatures. We say we want to lose weight but the very next second we’ll pick up a donut and eat it. And as soon as we eat it we come up with all type of excuses.

We come up with a myriad of rationalizations and justifications as to why we had to eat that donut. Everything from it being our parent’s fault for passing us bad genes, to a slow thyroid, to eating for stress.

And what’s more interesting is we actually believe these lies.

The simple truth is if you are overweight it is because you make poor choices when it comes to eating well and exercising.

I know. I’ve struggled with weight most of my life. In fact, I put on over 10 lbs this summer. But I don’t blame anyone or anything for my weight gain. Why? Because it was my fault. I like to eat, always have and always will.

Most people lose weight in the summer, but not me. With all the barbecues, ice cream and eating out it is very easy for me to make poor choices.

So, what does this have to do with dating?

Well, last week was an insane week. In fact I am calling it “insanity” week. Why? Because almost every woman I spoke with, coached or e-mailed was making poor choices in their love lives and then coming up with some B.S excuse to rationalize and justify their choices. Fortunately for those I worked with they were able to see the error of their ways and get back on course. They may have shed a few tears but they were able to make the tough decisions and get back on track.

But unfortunately those who don’t have someone to hold them accountable and to coach them though the trying times, continue to make choices which are in direct contradiction with what they really want…a happy and fulfilling relationship with a man who treats them with the love and respect they desire.

You see you can’t have a happy and fulfilling relationship with a man if you date a guy who makes you unhappy.

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