Why Do Men Like Anthony Weiner Take Such Stupid Risks?


anthony weiner
All men love a good thrill, but why are politicians willing to take such great risks to get one?

The other day news broke that NY Rep. Anthony Weiner was sending inappropriate pictures of his, uhm, weiner to a woman via Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time keeping up with the tweets, retweets, direct messages and everything else in the Twitterverse. Upon first hearing the news my first response was, You can send pictures on Twitter? Why isn’t Shania Twain sending me any of her boobs?

I’ve got to admit I’m about as apolitical as they come. Why? Because of fools like Anthony Weiner. They get up on their soapboxes and preach to others on how they are going to make a difference and help their constituents only to go back on their promises once they get into office.


But is anyone really surprised? Haven’t we seen this movie before? Whether it’s Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger or John F. Kennedy. This kind of stuff has been going on for decades. So why are we so shocked?

Every time I hear one of these stories I literally laugh out loud. I’m no boy scout by any means, and I’ve done a few things that I wouldn’t want the world to know about (I took an ex-girlfriend to a Backstreet boys concert). I’ve got a very active sex drive, and if truth be told I’ve had some impure thoughts in body and mind.

But I know enough not to send pictures of my johnson to someone over the internet, especially to someone I've never met!

Now I can understand and even relate to the fantasy and the excitement of wanting to do something risky and exciting. If you’ve ever had sex outdoors you’ll know what I mean. There is a certain rush of adrenaline and excitement knowing that you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. 5 Most Romantic Spots For Outdoor Sex

But there’s a huge difference between doing something risky and doing something stupid.

The difference is if you do something risky and get caught, you may be embarrassed and get in a little bit of trouble but it will disappear quickly. It’s a stupid act if you wind up losing everything you’ve worked hard to get for just a few minutes of excitement. You would think that at some time the alarm in the person’s brain would go off and say, “this is not worth the risk.”

It’s not the thought that I find troubling—it’s the fact that at no time do these people stop themselves.

I’ve always been fascinated by stories like these. My fascination isn’t so much about what the person did, but what was the mindset behind what they were doing?

In this day and age with the technology that we have what would cause a highly prominent person to do something so stupid that they potentially risk losing everything?

At first glance many of these individuals will say that they were so caught up in the moment that they didn’t realize what they were doing. Well, I don’t buy it. You don’t think that at one point these individuals had a thought that told them what they were doing was wrong?

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