5 Body Parts You Hate (But Your Husband Loves!)


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Do you waste time feeling badly about so-called problem areas that he finds sexy?

Have you ever walked by a mirror, caught a glimpse of your reflection and thought, Yikes?! Or, do you frequently stand in front of the mirror focusing intently on one or two parts of your body you absolutely hate?

Well, there's an expression that says, "your perception is your reality," and this is especially true than when it comes to your body. But you know what the irony is? What you look at and abhor, your man will look at and lust after. So, I've compiled a list of the five body parts that you might hate, but your significant other totally loves:


1. Your boobs. Hate your breasts? Think they're too large, small or otherwise oddly shaped? Well, the next time your with your man, ask him what he likes most about your boobs. His answer may surprise you.

2. Your stomach. Contrary to popular belief, your man does not care that you have washboard abs and a flat stomach. Unless your man is a professional athlete or fitness pro, he loves you and your stomach under one condition: it's not bigger than his. After all, men have big egos and don't like to come in second place!

3. Your butt. As long as there is a suitable cushion for his pushin', your man will be satisfied with the size of your butt, no matter how big or small you think it is. Keep Reading ...

4. Your vagina. C'mon, admit it. There was a time where you held a mirror down there an examined your vag's appearance. It might not be aesthetically pleasing to you, but to your man  it's not what it looks like but what it represents that counts. Your vagina represents the key to his masculinity. If you want to take your sexual relationship to new heights, surprise your man with a new, well trimmed and manicured "golden palace" and just you watch his response.

5. Your legs. Have you ever wondered why the sexy women in TV and movies are always in short skirts and heals? These areas are very sensual and erotic to men. If you want to understand just how important your legs are to your man, put on a skirt, some heels and enjoy his reaction.

If you want to spice up your relationship in 2013, ask your man what he likes and loves most about your body and really listen to his certain that you will find a new confidence in yourself and a new found love for those body parts you used to hate.

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