How To Survive An Emotional Hurricane


How To Survive An Emotional Hurricane [EXPERT]
... because sometimes love is like a hurricane.

The more I watched the news the more amazed I became at how differently people reacted to the same event. How come some people retained an attitude of optimism and faith while others were ready to start physical fights because they had to wait an extra five minutes to get gas?

Interestingly, people react similarly to the proverbial hurricanes in their love lives. While some are devastated by "hurricane love" — they are so hurt and angry that they decide to spend all of their energy focusing on the negative and how impossible it will be to get over their losses — others who experience the same devastation are able to cope much better.


The ability to react in a positive, healthy manner determines whether an individual will survive and thrive after emotional devastation, whether that devastation is from a hurricane or a broken heart. So, whether you are suffering from Hurricane Sandy or your own emotional hurricane, these three tips should help you through:

1. Gratitude. Those who are able to effectivly overcome tragedy all have one thing in common: they're grateful for what they have. No matter how bad things seem, they see the glass half full, and their attitude of gratitude enables them to pcik up the pieces and move on much more easily than others.

2. Focus. After an emotional hurricane, instead of focusing on how life is unfair or how your life has been ruined, focus on getting through the turmoil and arriving at a better place. You need not be a Pollyanna or live in a rose-colored world, but you can't focus on the pain and loss because moving on and getting to a better place is far more important and won't drag you down.

3. Meaning. The most important factor that determines how quickly a person overcomes the tragedies in life is the meaning they assign them. If you believe that an event or circumstance is doom and gloom, you will have a much more difficult time moving on than if you choose to look at life's tragedies as challenges and opportunities to grow.

So, if you are unfortunate enough to be living in an area which has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy or you are still trying to recover from your own personal hurrican of love, you will find that if you follow the above guidelines, you will get over the emotional heartache much more easily.

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