Every Choice You Make Has An Impact


Every Choice You Make Has An Impact
“Every decision, no matter how slight, alters the trajectory of your life." John Assaraf

The decision I made the day my husband was killed changed the way I see every decision I make today.  


I've made some really big decisions in my life but none have had more of an impact in my life than the three words -“I love you”.

My husband was one of those happy people you have a love hate relationship with.  You loved to be around him but you hated how happy he was.  I know no one like that now ;)

I particularly hated the mornings as he popped out of bed excited just to be here, "Come on Babe!  This could be your last day.  Get up and love me!" 

He left for work a few minutes before I wanted to get up in the morning so we had an agreement that he wouldn't be so excited and would quietly slip out unnoticed in the morning.

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