7 Tips To Owning Your Sexy For A Reason Not a Season


7 Tips To Owning Your Sexy For A Reason Not a Season
“Sexy is feeling alive in the naked of who you really are in this moment.” Jodie

6. Observe your behaviors.  How we react to people and situations has a direct correlation to what we are telling ourselves and what our spirit is feeling. 

Notice when you’re shaming yourself telling the “I’m not good enough” story or feel guilty about taking care of yourself.  You will know you’re shaming when you’re hiding back under your “SHIT Files”.  Remember, Sexy Souls don’t hide they shine and you can’t shine if you’re shaming your nakedness.


Catch yourself when you’re blaming or complaining either internally, to someone else, or about an event.  This is a diversion from your own pain inside.  Sexy Souls have nothing to complain about because they see opportunity and appreciation in even the most painful of hurts.

7. Be committed to living and loving like this was your last day here.  If you can’t look in the full-length mirror naked and honestly say, “I love that woman looking back at me.  I take care of her, I honor her, I adore her, and I live in her purpose on purpose” then you’re definitely not loving yourself as much as you can but you’re not loving others as much as you can either. 

A Sexy Soul knows who she is, why she’s here, and shares that knowledge with the world.

Four years ago, I was living a comfortable life as happy as I thought I could be in a body that wasn’t my favorite and a mind that kept me stressed out and awake at night worrying about the things I couldn’t control. I was a pregnant mom of two and wife working a full time career letting life pass me by feeling guilty for wanting more and awake to the chaos instead of the peace and love that was in me all along. 

Then, life threw me a lesson that woke me up in a way that gave me no other choice but to live and to love like I had never known love before when my husband was accidentally killed during a routine surgery. 

Before losing him, I was living like a widow depriving myself of my own wellbeing taking care of everything outside of me--the WidowHood is what taught me how to live like the Sexy Soul I was born to be by loving myself again.

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