7 Tips To Owning Your Sexy For A Reason Not a Season


7 Tips To Owning Your Sexy For A Reason Not a Season
“Sexy is feeling alive in the naked of who you really are in this moment.” Jodie

Being a sexy woman is all about doing the work on the outside. A sexy woman looks hot in her clothes and is a direct link to sex.  She’s sexy for the season. 

Being a Sexy Soul however, is about doing the work from inside out. She is a woman who is alive and radiant in nothing at all—her eyes shine and her smile sparkles.  Sexy seems to radiate from her being and when she walks into a room she doesn’t need to even say a word but everyone wants what she’s having.  She’s sexy for her reason.


There's no time to wait to begin to live like a sexy soul.  Practice these 7 tips and you'll be well on your way even before the New Year:

1. Don’t be afraid to get naked.  Naked is vulnerability and vulnerability is the bridge to life.  If you don’t like feeling naked then you’re not really living.  We must get naked in order to connect to ourselves and others.

2. Have fun!  A Sexy Soul loves to laugh and have fun.  Learn what “fun” means to you.  Notice what makes you excited and do that thing more often.  Sexy Souls take their naked selves and make it exciting by streaking—streaking is free, it’s fun, it makes you curious to see what’s waiting around the corner, but it can also be quite uncomfortable to get there.

*Warning, don’t take this literal there are laws against streaking in public.  Ha!

3. Be Curious.  Make it a mission to know more about yourself and the people around you.  The number one question you can ask yourself is “Why?” because why is a window to your future.  

4. Take care of your body.  Your body is the thing that carries and protects your soul.  Be aware of what you’re putting into it and how it makes you feel.  Ask, “Is this food leading me to sexy or is it covering up my sexy?”

A sexy body moves and flows freely—free from fat and lean with muscle.  Aside from what you’re eating, lifting weights is the number one thing women can do for themselves.  It is proven to make you look and feel younger and is necessary to build and maintain your body through time. 

5. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Think you’ve moved past your heartbreaks or wounds from your past yet you have pain in your body?  More often than not we manifest pain in our bodies based on feelings that have stored somewhere in it.  Begin to recognize when there are flair ups and notice any patterns in your life.  Our bodies are really good at picking up on dates of the past, especially those of traumatic events like the death of loved ones.  Ask yourself if there’s something you’ve been avoiding.  Usually, it’s based in the need to let something go by allowing yourself to feel the pain or to give up the need to be right about something by first accepting then forgiving either yourself or someone else.

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