4 Simple Acts That Lead To Love In Times Of Grief


4 Simple Acts That Lead To Love In Times Of Grief
Grief events bring up painful wounds of the past. There is no better time than now to stop bleeding

Make a call to action that you will not stand this for yourself, for your kids, for your world because this is what keeps us stuck in emotional poverty.  We are all going to die and it’s time to get pissed because anger is intolerance and intolerance will move you toward taking action.  Write a contract with your soul that says, “I will not stand for scabs in my life” and get naked with the following three tips:

1. Forgive anyone and anything you need to forgive.
2. Find gratitude in every experience and each emotion be it one that hurts like hell or one that feels too good to put into words.
3. Appreciate your life by finding what’s fun for you, getting quiet, breathing loving breaths, and being awake to nature and what’s right in front of you.


S- Seek help.  Reach out to others asking for help, knowledge, or advice.

When I lost my husband, I knew literally right away that no one was going to be able to take care of me unless I decided for myself that I was worth fighting for and my babies needed me at my best.  I made three promises to him that gave me no other choice but to fight to bring my Sexy Soul out from her darkness. 

I realized I was living more like a widow when my husband was living than I’ve ever lived in the widowHOOD.  I had a husband who adored me no matter how miserable I was inside or how much weight I used to cover my own scabs.  I deprived myself of love and happiness feeling guilty for even wanting more and ashamed for my imperfections as a wife and mother.

I found Band-Aids through his love, through my children’s love, and through the approval of others but I wasn’t taking the time I needed to go inside and take care of my own well being.  I now know that freeing my soul back to the essence that she was born with is the key to living, loving life, and gifting the world with the sexy soul that brought me here.

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