3 Little Steps To Let Go Of Balance


3 Little Steps To Let Go Of Balance
Forget balance and get aligned with what feels good and right to your soul.

3. Plan.  The “Okay for now pile” will be fine for the time being.  Decide it’s good enough for now but you will move it to “Outsource” at a later date. Take everything on your outsource list and begin to look for ways to let them go.  You will then decide if you need to delegate the task, hire someone to do the task, or get rid of the task altogether in your life.

When I started to catch myself being pissed off about doing laundry and yelling at my kids I knew I had to dig deeper because yelling at my kids was not so sexy.  I asked myself why it pissed me off and what it was keeping me from, and what I uncovered was that I wanted to spend more quality time with my kids rather than doing the stinkin laundry.  I didn’t know anyone who didn’t do their own laundry but I got quiet and asked, “Who could do my laundry?” and the answer came.  I hired my babysitter for the same rate. 

Sure, I’m giving up money but I’m gifting myself and my kids loving time together, which is in complete alignment with who I am.  I’m also gifting my babysitter who loves doing things for others and earning a little cash.

That is Love.

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