Ace Your Date Like A Job Interview


Ace Your Date Like A Job Interview
Are you a corporate ladder climber but a first date klutz?

How many of us go-getters are superstars in our chosen professions but are befuddled by the intricacies of a simple date? The solution is easy, tackle your next date like a job interview—

Here's how:

1. Dress the Part— I am not advocating a suit and heels for a casual lunch but what you wear speaks for you before formal communication has a chance to launch. A date once greeted me in a ratty t-shirt and crumbled, stained jeans. His get up screamed, "I do not care about this date," and after five minutes, neither did I.

2. Be Confident— Exude positivity by maintaining eye contact and holding a friendly smile. Sell your strengths and keep your neurosis to yourself (for now). Remember, there is a fine line between humble bragging and self-deprecation – beware of both sides of the fence and land in the middle.

3. Be Present— Imagine yourself in the midst of a promotion interview, distracted by an App on your phone. Sounds ridiculous right? And it is, yet we allow our technological devices to distract us from our dates. So whether the person sitting across from you is a prospect or the CEO of your company, your respect is required.

4. Be Interested— A popular interview rule is to ask questions that display your interest. So we research our prospective places and dig up information to project to our potentials that we care that much. Now, don't go on a stalking binge and scare your date but a quick refresher of their online profile could score you points for your attentiveness and attention to detail.

5. Accept the outcome— sometimes we leave dates (and interviews) confident that we rocked it only to be rattled by rejection. This happens. Sit with the disappointment, learn from your mistakes and move on to meet the person who appreciates all that you bring to the table. The right seat is waiting for you.

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