4 Virtual Addictions That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life


4 Virtual Addictions That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life
Are these habits hindering your ability to find true love?

We are all guilty of certain pleasures but some habits may be derailing love from entering our lives. In a time where people are more enthralled with their smart phones than their dates across the table, are we sacrificing finding love for the comforts of technology?

Addiction # 1 – Facebook Posting

-  We all have those friends clogging up our news feeds with their mundane thoughts, humble bragging and inappropriate pictures. And like a car crash across the highway, their posts keep us watching, despite our inclinations to look away. Does this sound like your page?  Now imagine a potential blind dater sneaking a peek into your far too personal Facebook. Ready? Now imagine him virtually running in the opposite direction.

Addiction # 2 – Facebook Stalking

- My ex recently married a lovely, much younger woman in an exotic destination type fashion.  We haven’t spoken in years and I have little knowledge regarding his everyday life, but I do know his beaming bride looked quite lovely on their wedding day. How did I stumble across this bit of none of my business knowledge? Our mutual friend, Facebook shared the happy news. The past no longer stays in our rearview mirrors – it is now far too easy to catch glimpses of our ex’s brand new shiny lives.  Mr. Ex That Broke My Heart starred in my life for a brief moment of time, yet his wedding bliss brought my otherwise rational, single self, down.  Do not allow social media sites to suck up your time, energy or emotions. I did, and I fear I’m not alone.

Addiction # 3 – Online Dating

- A dear friend of mine is currently in the midst of dating in the double digits. She goes on  first and second dates as if she is working from an assembly line of eligible men. And before you judge and groan, let me explain that she deeply yearns for a monogamous relationship yet she suffers from an online serial dating addiction.  The harm in checking in to too many online dating sites is that you reel in an enormous amount of potentials and it becomes difficult to slow down the pace. After all, what if you miss the one? This false rationalization actually keeps us from having meaningful interactions in the name of hopeful quantity. So whether you are matching, fishing or tindering – take some time to savor the singles you are meeting before you cast them aside for someone new.

Addiction #4 – Your Smart Phone

-  I cringe every time a well-meaning friend or family members offers the cliché, “You could meet him at the grocery store.” Unlikely, however, I must admit, they might be right. I suppose it is possible to meet your soul mate at Shoprite or Starbucks or while getting your oil changed – why not?  Fate could be throwing our soul mates in our paths but if our eyes are glued to our phones and tablets, how will we ever see them? Remember, anything is possible as long as you look around, smile and store your smart phone in my pocketbook.

Is your technology addiction hindering your love life? Kick these habits and open your mind, energy and emotions  to the possibility of finding true love.


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