The 3 Most Confusing Male Online Dating Profiles


The 3 Most Confusing Male Online Dating Profiles

I recently added a third website to my online dating resume, hoping to increase my chances of clicking on Mr. Right. And while the search is still on, I continue to stumble upon the following puzzling profiles:

1. Mr. I Hate Online Dating - These usually begin with a doubtful declaration such as, “I can’t believe I am doing this,” or “I am not sold on this whole online dating thing but send me a message!” I can’t help but feel defensive as I read through these shameful confessions of taking the online plunge. I am after all, a member of the online dating club but then again….so are you. So take a moment and make a decision, Mr. I Hate Online Dating. Are you in or are you out? And please, save your skepticism for your friends, your family and even your therapist. Keep your profile positive and mixed messages free.

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2. Mr. Look At Me With Other Women – These profiles include pictures of the man in question posing with other (always attractive) women. I often ponder the point of this. Are these ex-girlfriends? Ex-wives? Hopefully platonic friends who just happen to take arm and arm pictures together? Either way, these photos are confusing and wildly distracting. Please appropriately use the crop feature and take the guesswork out of reading your profile.

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3. Mr. Mug Shot – I often wonder why people choose an online dating picture in which they appear utterly miserable. It doesn’t matter how cheery your profile’s punctuation may be, if the picture staring back at me looks like you are either in pain or about to inflict pain upon someone else, I am passing on your message.


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