Come On Baby, Light My Fire!


Come On Baby, Light My Fire!
Transform your relationship from dysfunctional to loving and lasting.

     So many relationships are unconsciously created as a result of unfinished business with our source relationships; our mothers and fathers.  So, unwittingly we search out partners whom we actually hire for the job to attempt to resolve our unresolved childhood issues.  They are usually the perfect match.  So the patterns learned from childhood get re-enacted with what we think is our “soul mate”, only to discover that the “soul mate” is really a replica of the parent we had the most difficulty with.  Unless we have a professional who understands the theory of recapitulation, (repeating the past) and has tools to help couples work through their “stuck” places, there is little or no hope to move the relationship forward to a mature level of intimacy and healthy relational space.  It’s the relational space that we live in.  It’s the same space that our children play in.  So we have an obligation as partners to help clean up that space to make it safe and once again sacred. When this is accomplished, the dopamine levels rise again, but with a new landscape of pleasure that’s better than before. This is when passion transcends into relational maturity.  It doesn’t get better than this!

     Follow me along with this concept of transforming your relationship from dysfunctional to loving and lasting.  I will present seven true stories over the next seven weeks that will give you an opportunity to visit real people with real problems and be a part of their personal recovery and self-actualized relationships. 

Next week:  OH WHERE OH WHERE HAS MY SEXY SELF GONE? Barbara’s Story

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