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Romantic Date Idea (Chicago) #362


Dating in Chicago? Have your first date here and watch sparks fly!

For our Chicago Romantic Date Idea collection- I’ve stumbled across “The Violet Hour.” Located in Wicker Park, the store front of this venue might make your date cringe, but once inside you’ll be transported to a dimly lit, romantic venue that serves us amazing craft cocktails.  Kind of like you- a little rough on the outside, but surprisingly romantic on the inside!


Violet Hour does not take reservations, and the wait can take awhile, so a good bet is to stop by early. The romantic vibe fizzles while waiting outside in the Chicago winter for a table.

Are you still looking for a date to take on a romantic date? Visit us at Mingle Around- we have a couple great singles events and speed dating parties you might be interested in.

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