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Dating is like Catching a Cab


Dating is a little like this. If you are looking for a potential date, you’ve got to go to the place

Dating is a little like trying to catch a cab in the city. I live two city streets away from a major busy intersection, but on a quiet one way street.


Leaving my home yesterday to catch a cab I thought to myself on how nice it would be if a cab was just out front of my door. (I was being a little lazy and didn’t want to walk the two streets in the rain!) But, I’m smart enough to know that standing outside of my door and waiting for a cab just wouldn’t work. I’d be waiting for days for a cab to drive by! So, I went out and found a cab at a location that I knew cabs would be.  Easy. I was in a dry cab in minutes.

Dating is a little like this. If you are looking for a potential date, you’ve got to go to the places potential dates will be! You can’t expect to stay at home and by chance some amazing girl (or guy) will show up at your door. You have to put in a little work- get out of the house and Mingle!

Try meeting a new date at a singles event, speed dating party, singles mixer or other singles social outing. Ask your married friends to set you up on a date, hire a matchmaker, attend more social outings or start attending some classes that will have a mixed crowd.

Best of luck on your search, and remember- cabs (and dates) don’t always come to you, sometimes you’ve got to go out and find them!

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