Entitlement 101


Entitlement 101
Making the most of deserving it all

In recent years, much has been written and said about the current generation of young adults and your inflated sense of entitlement.  You feel that the world should be handed to you on a silver platter and that your every desire should be accommodated and honored.  You deserve every prize that life has to offer.  And you’ve been told
repeatedly that this entitlement mentality is a bad thing.  I disagree.

I think a sense of entitlement can be a great gift and a vehicle for creating a phenomenal life; IF you know how to use it.  I believe that you do, in fact, deserve every prize that life has to offer, and that the world is yours to experience and enjoy.  So, why are so many young adults with a solid sense of entitlement finding themselves experiencing a life in great contrast to their dreams.  There must be more to the equation.


Here’s how the conscious creation of reality works.  I have a dream (the conscious kind, not the sleeping kind), and I become aware that I want to experience something, have
something, or feel something.  Because I am now aware of what it is I want to experience, have or feel, I make decisions in my life that reflect that desire and move me in the direction of my dreams.  I have a core belief that I can have or create whatever my heart desires, and I am worthy of (entitled to) that achievement.  And I am worthy of the experiences and lessons that are presented along the road to that goal.  (It’s important to note that this is the conscious version of the story.  The unconscious creation is simply decision, surprise outcome, reaction.  The outcomes of the decision still create the life experience, but there is little awareness of how the decisions are made or where they will lead, and the role of entitlement becomes nearly irrelevant.)

If entitlement is one part of the conscious creation process, and that piece is already in place, maybe one or more of the following roadblocks are getting in your way.

Dream Confusion:  First, your dreams need to be clear and personal.  Saying that you want to be rich is simply not enough.  You’ve gotta do better than that.  Who is it that you want to be in this life? It’s tough to actively move toward a goal if you don’t know what the goal is.

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