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3 Essentials For An Amazing Relationship

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What are the 3 things that you need to create awesome in your next relationship?

So I’ve been wondering for the last ten years on what that magical thing is that makes for a good relationship. Not the kind of stuff that you need to keep a relationship healthy and growing--don’t worry, that post is coming--but what you need at the outset.

I had a conversation with my Aunt Keri around the time of the Y2K silliness when she asked me what I thought the requirements were for a potential mate. I told her confidently that I wanted to meet someone that I was both attracted to and that I had a connection with. “I keep meeting women/girls that I think are hot but we don’t have much in common,” I said with profundity (thanks, “Or I have a lot in common with a girl but she just ends up becoming a friend because there’s not much attraction, what gives!”


Now in my uh, wise old age, my perspective on what a relationship requires has evolved, if only slightly. The two qualities I started with more than a decade ago has only been added to by one, so fasten your seat belts please.


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