Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!


Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!

8. “How many partners have you been with?”…Ok, the need for truth when it comes to STD’s or your general health is understandable, but asking how many guys she’s gotten ‘down n’ dirty’ with on your first date, isn’t going to score big points for you!  Most people have a sexual history or past.  It’s important to be honest about anything that could potentially affect your partner in the future should your relationship turn physical, but coming out with such a direct question when you’ve just met isn’t the best way to approach a delicate subject.

9.  “I’ll call you.”…Don’t say it unless you mean it.  Nothing’s worse than not following through with what you say.  The woman of your dreams wants to be with a man who is honest and keeps his word, even if it’s simply giving her a call back in a reasonable time frame…note the word reasonable – that means reasonable to her!!



10.  “My mom does it like…”  Every woman wants to be with a man who appreciates, cherishes and loves women.  That said, no woman wants to be constantly compared to their man’s mother.  The relationship you have with your mom is separate from the one you hope to have with the woman of your dreams.  You want to make her feel secure that it’s her that you want to please, not your mother, as much as you love and adore your mother!  It can conjure up a competitive vibe between the two most important women in your life, and you really don’t want to encourage or flame that kind of fire!  Mama will always be your first love, just try not to make all other women feel inferior or second best.  Respect the fact that they’re two different people, both of which want to hold special and unique places in your heart.

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