Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!


Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!

4. “Back in high school…” Again, call your best bud and reminisce with him about all the touchdowns you scored, the leads you were offered, the ‘almost famous’ moments of your life prior to the last five years. Nothing’s worse than meeting a guy and all of a sudden, he starts taking a long walk down memory lane for the next hour or so of your date!  If it happened ‘back in the day’,  just wait for a time when you’re mutually sharing stories about the past instead of trying to impress the woman of your dreams with your so-called ‘glory days’.  There will be a time for bragging, when you can tell her about all the awards, goals and accolades, but when you’re first meeting the woman of your dreams, let her share a bit about herself.  If she’s into you, she’ll be more than a little eager to hear your ‘war stories’ and maybe even check out a few of your ‘battle scars’!

5. “So, do you work out?”…Although this might be a clever way to compliment her figure, do yourself a favor and make a statement instead, like: “You look really fit.  Do you work out?”  Now, you’ve affirmed that she looks good, (not that she should go work out) and you’re asking if she makes working out a part of her daily routine.  It’s semantics, but when you’re meeting the woman of your dreams, you want to start off on the right foot, instead of putting your foot in your mouth with misconstrued comments…



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6.  “I HATE ____________”…Why let out all the un-pleasantries right up front so soon?  How about curbing your comments so as not to offend the woman of your dreams with something she may deem as racist, offensive or just plain ‘ol mean?!  Sometimes, when you first meet someone and are getting to know them, it can be off-putting to hear them verbally bash other groups of people or organizations.  It could put her into ‘defense’ mode and you might spend the rest of the evening debating opposite sides.  First meetings are usually a place to get her to feel comfortable with you, not like she should have come prepared with boxing gloves to spar on current events and issues!

7.  “What’s your favorite position?”…Unless you’re playing baseball, this lewd question is sure to make her feel cheap and propositioned.  Although sexual attraction is probably high on both your lists as to why you’re hanging out together, being overly crude can backfire and be upsetting to the woman of your dreams.  If you’re really looking for a lasting relationship with someone, it doesn’t make much sense to strike up the subject of sexual gymnastics at this early stage of the game.  Give the girl a break – Don’t start asking what she’ll ‘do’ or not ‘do’. That will unfold all on its own…

This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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