How and When Does a Woman Know She Wants to have Sex with a Man?


How and When Does a Woman Know She Wants to have Sex with a Man?

Plus, the “nice guy” usually has one fatal flaw: He takes his lack of confidence and insecurities and puts them on the woman whose attention he is desperately trying to get. First of all, this is just bad in general. It’s not healthy. I’ve been in a relationship with the “nice guy,” the one who adored me and who wanted to treat me like a princess, and who put his lack of confidence on me. The relationship quickly turned toxic and just as destructive as if I had been dating a jerk.

So, before you feel like you are being overlooked because you are a “nice guy” who would treat her like a princess, stop. Rethink your entire view of this woman, because you need her approval way too much and in the end, if she does give you a chance, it will self-destruct for both of you. Second of all, understand that if you are trying to put your lack of confidence on a woman and are trying way too hard to get her attention, she is going to feel it, and it will repel her. This is what creates the “nice guy” curse. Women don’t sleep with guys who need them to build their confidence. Women become friends with these guys.

If you want her to sleep with you, than you are going to have to be brave enough to face your own insecurities and lack of confidence on your own, so that you don’t go to her to soothe you. Only then will there be a possibility of something happening, a spark igniting.

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