4 Ways to Approach a Woman Without Seeming Desperate


4 Ways to Approach a Woman Without Seeming Desperate
The best way to approach a woman is to first understand how she thinks.

b. But if you have potential, she will most likely flirt with you pretty obviously, feeling very confident and very certain of herself. Potential means she thinks you are at her level, slightly above or slightly below. The point is, you don’t shake her confidence.

c. Or maybe she thinks you are a catch, which means she is very interested. In this case, she may do the exact opposite of what you’d expect. She may not feel very confident and will be shy or less obvious about flirting with you. When a woman is around a man she is really into, she feels less sure of herself and will show it in her composure. But the difference between polite disinterest and shy extreme interest is the way she responds to you. If she is interested, she will be very, very nice to you. Not polite. Nice. Sweet. If she is politely disinterested, she will act cordial. She will answer your questions with one-word answers to discourage conversation. If she likes you, she will leave the conversation open-ended for you to deepen the connection.


However, if you pull back or don’t show enough interest in her, she will cut her losses and move on, no matter how much of a catch she once thought you were. This is where she knows she will be able to engage another man if you don’t stick.

4. Know when to back off.

Learn to pay attention to the signs. In less than five minutes, she will give you a signal whether or not she is interested. If she is not, back off, cut your losses and move on. The longer you try to force an interest or a connection, the more desperate you come off. Who knows? Your first impression, if it was too strong, may be diluted by your moving on. She may suddenly become interested. Getting rid of a guy we are not interested in is sometimes one of the most irritating things women deal with. If you don’t commit the fatal mistake of hanging on when she is clearly brushing you off, her entire impression of you changes, and so does her reaction. She goes from being uptight and on the defensive to relaxed, because you aren’t trying to stick to her when she wants you to let her be.

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