I'm Open: Why Jenny Wants to Talk


I'm Open: Why Jenny Wants to Talk
Jenny Block answers your questions about open marriage.

So, despite the fact that I have and know I will continue to take slack for both my lifestyle and sharing it, I didn't want to be alone anymore. And the result has been amazing. People from all over are writing to tell me how relieved they were that someone else is having the same feelings that they are. Relieved that they are not alone. Relieved that there is at least a starting point for this conversation. Relieved to discover that they are "normal" and perhaps that Cinderella isn't.

There's not only one way to live and to love.


I won't lie. It's not always easy being in a non-traditional relationship. Nor is it always easy baring my soul to the universe. But I believe both means are well worth their ends. That's why I wrote the articles and the book and that is why I happily accepted the invitation from Tango to host this forum. I welcome your questions and comments. The only thing I ask is that you be respectful of me and one another. There is nothing like a good discussion. But flame wars are not my thing. Looking forward to "seeing you" next week.

Wishing you all the love you're seeking,

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