How To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup


How To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup
Look fresh-faced and flawless on your special day!

Whom does the makeup artist make up on the day of the wedding?

LJ: Usually the bride, the mother of the bride, and the maid of honor have their makeup done. But it could also include everybody from all the bridesmaids to the grandmothers, aunts, sisters and others.


What does the bride need to know about hiring a makeup artist?

LJ: Right from the start, the first question to ask the makeup artist is his or her availability on your wedding date. Take a look at his or her portfolio, website, blog, YouTube, and other social media sites to see if you like his or her style and look. For example, if you want a vintage '20s look for your wedding, make sure the portfolio of the makeup artist reflects this with the cat-eye lined look and other styles that match what you are going for. Look for a makeup artist who resonates with your personal style and the look you are seeking for your wedding. Also make sure he or she has other styles that other people may want for their own looks.

Look at trusted testimonial and review pages (Yelp!) and pay special attention to bad reviews as much as great reviews.

If you have allergies or want to use a particular makeup line, or if you want airbrushing, you should make sure the makeup artist either carries the line you want or can do the airbrushing for you.

Make sure the makeup artist is in your region or that the makeup artist you want will travel to you. Find out what his or her travel fees are upfront and make sure these fees fall into your budget.

What should a bride expect to pay for a professional makeup artist?

LJ: It depends on the quality of the makeup artist they want. Great experienced makeup artists could charge $500 — $1,000 for one makeup application. Depending on how many people she or he may be making up, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper price per person with multiple people vs. two or three.

If you get a makeup artist from a makeup counter, it may be as low as $100 or $150 per person. If you get a 100 percent freelance makeup artist (one that doesn't work at a counter), they most likely have more experience and come with a more robust kit to meet the needs offsite for makeup for that day.

For brides, Lindsey prices using a sliding scale. If it is a single bride, it will cost a lot more. If it is a bride and two others for a total of three, it will be a different price. If it is a bride plus many others, it would be an even cheaper price per person.

Prices are at their highest for makeup artists on a Saturday. You may be able to get cheaper rates if your wedding is held on a different day of the week.

If you book out ahead of time and as far in advance as you can, you will get the best choice of who is available. This longer window of time will give you the opportunity to decide between several makeup artists instead of having slim pickings weeks before the big day.

What happens if your makeup artist gets sick on the day of your wedding and can't make it?

LJ: What your makeup artist should do, regardless of how sick they are, is call and email every makeup artist they know to see who can come to your wedding in his or her place to do the makeup. Lindsey has never missed a wedding in 6 years. Hopefully your makeup artist is well connected in the community and she or he can find at least one person who is available. Also, hopefully the makeup artist would know if she or he is sick at least one day prior to the wedding, but not always. If the makeup artist gets sick during the wedding, he or she should stick it out and stay.

What happens if your sister or mother wants to use a different makeup artist than the one the bride wants to use?

LJ: In this case, they should use theirs and you should use yours. It is usually the mother-in-law who wants to use another makeup artist, and they often get ready at a different location. Depending on the size of the place where you are getting ready, there may only be enough space for one makeup artist to set up. Consider this when making a decision as to whether they should get ready at a different location to make it easier. This may throw a monkey wrench into the "women getting ready together" idea and sharing this experience. Keep reading...

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