How To Get The Best Flowers For Your Wedding Day


Wedding advice: flowers, bouquets
Let your beauty blossom on your special day!

How do the scents of the flowers contribute to the day?

ST: It is always nice to select flowers for the bride to carry that have a scent. Another example that helps to set a mood for the event is placing gardenias at the entrance of the venue. It is an elegant touch for guests when there is room for them to be able to enjoy the smell of some of the flowers when they walk in. In other cases, use flowers with the smell of beautiful white floral fragrances for the bouquets and ceremony arrangements. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to put flowers with a very strong fragrance at the dinner table because it interferes with the fragrance of the food.


How involved do men get with the flowers?

ST: Most of the time, they are not that involved. There are some men, however, who have a stronger design sense than the women do. For the most part, the floral designer will work with the bride. Oftentimes, Sarah doesn't meet the groom until the day of the wedding.

What about corsages, boutonnieres and other recognition flower arrangements for parents or the bridal party?

ST: Sarah is not a big corsage fan because she feels the wrist corsage is outdated. The pin-on corsage depends on what color and what material a woman is wearing. Sarah suggests using what is referred to as a "nosegay" or a type of small bouquet that a woman can carry instead. She recommends these for grandmothers and mothers. If there is someone else who is special in your life, give her flowers too. Don't hesitate or hold back. For boutonnieres, provide these for a parent or grandparent. All additional flowers should coordinate with the rest of the bridal party flowers.

What should the bride do if the wrong flowers are delivered on the day of the wedding?

ST: See if the floral designer or florist can make any adjustments to the arrangements. Can they come and add something or take something away based on the colors of the flowers to make it look closer to what you were going for? Otherwise, perhaps if someone in your family is crafty or creative, he or she can do something with what is already there. Whatever you do, don't start over. Work with what is already there. Take away something or add what you can. If the wrong flowers are delivered to the ceremony venue, go to a local place and get flowering plants or topiaries and use those instead. For reception tables, be creative. Use potted herbs if needed. If using potted herbs, then guests can take them home.

What if the groom says he hates the flowers on the wedding day?

ST: Too bad. If that is what was agreed upon and planned, and he says that he doesn't like them, she was the one put in charge of the flowers so it is what it is. Instead of causing a problem on the day of the wedding, it would be better if he supported her choice and made the best of it. Keep reading...

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