Will You Ever Learn To Trust Me?


Will You Ever Learn To Trust Me?
7 tips to earn your partners trust!

4) Notice of Unpredictability. If you are about to do (or have done) something that is outside of your norm, talk with your partner about this. If you typically speak on the phone in front of them, and for whatever reason you need to go into the other room, simply explain to your partner beforehand or afterward. Don’t let those wheels start spinning. The worst thing for your partner to do is to begin fantasizing about what that conversation was really about. It’s not necessary for it to even make it to that point.

5) Volunteer Information: Don’t ask, don’t tell relationships further add to suspicion. You only give your partner the permission to imagine what the real scenario could have been. Even though there are plenty of opportunities to be vague in relationships, the worst thing you can do is to take it. If you receive an unexpected email from your ex, just volunteer this information to your partner. The greatest thing about volunteering information is to demonstrate that you have nothing to hide. Period.


6) Be Dependable. Don’t promise something in which you cannot follow through. The more you begin to disappoint people, the less they will trust you. Dependability is a high indicator of trustworthiness.

7) Practice What You Preach. Don’t just say something, do it. Allow your actions be the clearest indicator of your trustworthiness. If you say that you can keep something to yourself (i.e. a secret or gossip), just do it. If you can do this, your reputation will begin to speak for itself.

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