Balancing Time Between What You Love & Who You Love


Balancing Time Between What You Love & Who You Love
How to chase your passion without running away from those you love!

*Bonus: Make it a lunch date. If your kids, your friends, your family members, or even your significant other are complaining that they don’t see you enough, try making a lunch date with them. It could be a surprise lunch date, such as surprising your kids at school, or it could be planned, such as lunch with a friend. Lunches are a great idea as they are during the day—when you have a greater amount of energy. You are able to give your person your undivided attention and most importantly, lunch typically only lasts for an hour or two because someone always has to go back to work.
Understand that anyone who loves you naturally wants to see you happy. They want to be able to watch you live out your dreams. The only difference is that they still want to be a part of your life too. No one who loves you would want you to give up your passion unless it is detrimental to yourself or others. I hope that these above suggestions allow you to have a better sense of harmony in your own life. And although nurturing others seems to come naturally to you, with a better sense of balance in your life—you will be able to nurture your own self. And everyone knows that the key to giving the best love to others is only by first loving and giving your best to yourself.

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