Balancing Time Between What You Love & Who You Love


Balancing Time Between What You Love & Who You Love
How to chase your passion without running away from those you love!

Create Time. Although this may seem difficult, because "time" is where you are having the trouble, this is actually the easiest idea. It takes no action on your part, except to realize that the opportunity is before you. Make a note of those things that your significant other loves to do, that doesn’t require your participation. These are prime opportunities for you to create time for yourself. Does your partner love football, basketball, baseball—sports? If he does, you already know that when he’s watching sports, he could care less where you are (as long as you are safe, of course). Does he have a favorite TV show that he would not miss for anything? Does he enjoy hanging out with his friends on the weekends? All of those are valuable opportunities for you to use his occupied time for yourself. So next time, instead of fussing with him for being away—try saying yes. You’ll notice that he’ll not only appreciate you for loosening your grip, but you’ll also be able to do what you love with no distractions.

Help find his passion. Help your partner discover what they are also passionate about. Maybe it is something that the both of you can all do it together. Has he always wanted to coach, play sports, go back to school, etc. Do not force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but instead, spend time encouraging him to discover what interests him the most. With this route, he’ll begin having a better understanding of why you’ve been so occupied.


Create a ritual. Is there something that both you and your beau enjoy? Is it walking the dogs after work, listening to jazz in the park on Saturdays, having movie nights on Fridays, going to the bar to watch football on Sundays, a favorite TV show on Wednesdays? Whatever it is, keep it going and keep it sacred. Do Not Miss Your “Connection” Time! Let me repeat this; do not miss your “connection” time!

Set a curfew. This is the most important suggestion and ironically the same place that many women with passions go wrong. They do not set curfews for themselves. Whether it’s a business meeting, networking opportunity, dinner with prospective clients, or simply your “administrative day,” be certain to set (and keep) your curfew. When your time limit has been reached, close the computer, pack up your briefcase, close out your restaurant tab, pack up your gym bag…go home! This always allows you to be back to your partner when you’ve said that you would. You keep your promise, you keep your passion.

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