5 Things the Anxious Single Woman Will Do For Your Man


5 Things the Anxious Single Woman Will Do For Your Man
...That You Won't!

She’ll stay in shape. Let’s just get right to it. You’ve put on some pounds. You’ve noticed, and even your girlfriends have noticed. Do you really believe that he hasn’t? And each time you ask him, “Honey, does this make me look fat?” I’m certain you already know what he really wants to say. But, because he loves you, he’s willing to say what he feels you need to hear. You haven’t been to the gym in years because you don’t have time, yet you are at Starbucks everyday getting your bagel and your iced white chocolate mocha. Something is a little unbalanced here. Aim at learning from the anxious single woman! Whether she is working out to meet someone at the gym, attract someone new, or to have something to do in her spare time, it doesn’t matter. Her butt is in the gym—literally. She’s working out with friends; she’s paired up with her trainer; or she’s going at it alone. She knows that she needs to keep it together in order to keep her pool of potential mates interested.

She’ll flirt with him. Remember those days? Remember the energy that you and your man felt for each other? No one had to tell you that he was in to you because you could feel it. The manner to which you would flirt with him was out of this world. Every time he was near, you would giggle at his jokes, touch his arm or leg while laughing, and always smile in his direction. You couldn’t get your eyes off of him, and he knew it, too. Well, the anxious, single woman knows just how attention deprived your man is and she’s waiting with arms wide open. She’s giggling and joking with him at work. She’s picking on him and gently touching his arm when he makes her laugh. She knows what he’s missing and she’s not holding anything back.


She’ll be very sexual in the bedroom. This woman will have your man climbing the walls. There are few things that she won’t do now that she has his attention—let alone, when she has him to herself. She wants to know his fantasies in order to become one of them. Her goal is to ensure that he is dreaming of her while lying in bed with you at night. She’s the one who is so grateful that your man has stopped in to visit her that she’s willing to do whatever it may be to keep him there for as long as possible. She craves your man (or at least makes him believe that she has a craving for him every single time he’s in her presence). Remember when you used to do those things?

She will keep up her appearance. Every time that your man sees her she’ll make it a point—to be on point. She always has her bi-weekly manicure/pedicure, weekly hair appointment. She wears the cutest suits to work and dresses for dinner. She’s really trying to impress someone, right? She’s trying to impress your man. This girl really takes care of herself. She loves doing it. She recognizes that the better she feels about herself, the better she can make others around her feel.

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