A Brief Guide To Understanding Sex Addiction


A Brief Guide To Understanding Sex Addiction
Sex addiction is a obsessive/compulsive disorder.Let's look at it more closely.

Addicts don't give up the addiction unless they are brought to their knees. This can take make may shapes. Some may loose their families..... others, their jobs, reputations...still others never come around.

For those who seek help, 12 step programs are very helpful.  I recommend  the book entitled “Don't Call It Love” by Patrick Carnes PhD. There are inpatient programs to be found on the internet. When choosing a treatment program make sure it offers: a diagnostic evaluation, an educational program, a 12 step approach, psychodynamic exploration of underlying issues,and programs that teach self esteem enhancement, trust building, problem solving, and communication skills.


I believe there is not a “cure”, but a “recovery process” for the addicts. This means that they will always need to be aware and work on the obstacles to happiness instead of reverting to the addiction.

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