Soul Sex: The Art Of Lovemaking


Anyone can make love. Creating a love-making experience that takes you beyond orgasm is soul sex.


Kissing itself is an art. Some people can have an orgasm just by kissing. If you want your relationship to be more passionate or last, kiss more often. The hormone oxytocin is released as well as endorphins which make you feel good. 

Think of velvet. Soft, gentle and delicate. Subtlety is an art. Instead of using your tongue and full-on lips, with lots of pressure, touch noses first, hesitate to join with your lips. Let the energy between you grow and build slowly. For more about Philemotology, the science of kissing follow the link below.

Learn how to kiss in different ways. A kiss should not always be wet or with your tongue. Vary your styles and pressure. Your kiss is an indication of the kind of lover you are. It is the prelude of what is to come. You don't always want to kiss in the same way.  Sometimes being in touch with your feminine and masculine sides can have tremendous benefits. Kissing and sex should be a delight of all the senses. Not just touch. There is a delicate balance between barely enough, to keep your partner begging for more and too much tongue, wetness or too forceful. You want to begin slowly. A delicate tug on your partner's lower lip, almost a bite, without the pain. Pull back and look at your partner. Are their eyes dilated? Are they getting aroused? Try kissing in different places, like the palm of your partner's hand.

This event is not for you to prove something, but to delight. Move forward again this time more slowly so that you can smell each other's skin.

Now that you have kissed lightly, brushing each other's lips, allow yourself to begin closing in and embracing fully, at the same time kissing deeply allowing your tongue to enter your partner's mouth. Allow your passion to rise, as it does your partner's will also.

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