Daily Mood Lifters - 5 Tips To Up Your Happiness Factor


Daily Mood Lifters - 5 Tips To Up Your Happiness Factor
Strategies to Keep Your Spirits High
  • Get enough rest - To have good mental and emotional health, its important get enough sleep. If you're not sleeping, you will become more irritable and less able to manage stress.
  • Eat healthy - We tend to crave sugars and carbohydrates when we are stressed. These foods give us a temporary "high" and relief from the daily grind. However, the honeymoon is cut short by the inevitable energy crash that leaves us feeling even worse. Choose healthier alternatives with longer lasting benefits.
  • Exercise - Exercise relieves stress and lifts your mood. Find ways to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine. Carry your groceries; take the stairs or sign up for that Zumba class you've been hearing about.

4. Connect. According to researchers, the best guarantee of a long and healthy life may be the connections you have with other people. Loneliness negatively affects stress hormone levels, immune function, and cardiovascular function. As human beings, our brains are hard-wired with the need for positive emotional connections with other people. So, make time to talk face-to-face with people you like who are good listeners. People with strong family and/or social connections are emotionally healthier and happier that those without a strong support system.
5. Ask for Help. Often, we hold back from reaching out because we get a sense of pride from handling things on our own. We don't want to be perceived as being week or incapable. Truth is, we all need assistance from time to time. It's not a bad thing. Reaching out to others for help is a way to advocate for our needs. It's proactive and build stronger relationships.

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