4 Resolutions For A Stronger You & Relationship In 2012


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A Solid Relationship Helps You Achieve Your Individual Goals

When you think back on your past few New Year’s resolutions, what have they been? Most people typically focus on self improvements: losing weight, time management, quitting bad habits, etc. While these are important, don’t forget to put some thought into positive change for your relationship. When things are good in our relationship we generally feel more confident, relaxed and secure. In other words, a healthy relationship gives us the strength to go out and conquer our goals in the world and stick to those resolutions. So for this New Year, focus some of your efforts on your relationship and check out the difference it makes.

Here are four examples of relationship resolutions you can incorporate in 2012:


1. "I will listen for the emotion in my partner’s words." Too often couples focus on the content of what is being said. When that happens, we get into the never-ending cycle of correcting and dismissing. For example, your partner might say "I have washed the dishes five times this week, walked the dog every day and washed all of the laundry." You may be tempted to defend and say "No, I walked the dog on Tuesday and put my own laundry away," but you would be missing the point. It’s not really the words themselves that matter. It’s the emotion. Try to identify what your partner is trying to communicate and let them know, for example "It sounds like you’re feeling overwhelmed.” Doing this will keep everyone calm, de-escalate the situation and set the stage for a productive, connecting conversation.

Personal Goal Bonus —You'll have a partner to go to the gym with you vs. arguing all day.

2. "I will communicate my needs better." Yes, it would be nice if your partner "just knew" what you were thinking, but unless you’re dating or married to a psychic, that’s an unrealistic expectation. Remember that just because they can’t read your mind doesn’t mean they don’t love you or you don’t matter to them. The real test is to put your needs out there in a straightforward, verbal manner. This puts you in a more vulnerable position than if you just sat back and waited for him/her to have an epiphany, but when you take that risk, you are giving your partner a chance to succeed. You are also giving them a chance to respond to your needs — when that happens, your bond gets stronger. Relationships: Communication Requires Understanding Part One

Personal Goal Bonus — No need mask your feelings with comfort eating.

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