How I Will Survive Valentine's Day Without My First Love


How I Will Survive Valentine's Day Without My First Love
Holding On to Hope After Losing My Mom

I know I am not alone as I feel some trepidation about facing this first holiday, and many others in the coming year, without my loved one.  My simple hope is that the millions of other heartbroken people who are missing one of their valentines this week will find some comfort in their precious memories and the love of those that are living.

And yet, I know that this is not necessarily going to be easy.


Grief is a journey.  I hope that people who are hurting like I am accept themselves for feeling exactly the way they do and know that there's no right or wrong way to do it.  There isn't a timetable either.  Even though society tries to rush us and expects us to "get over it", we won't.  It's not going to get easier, we're just going to get stronger.

We will adapt to the loss over time and learn how to live in a new way, with a different and evolving relationship with our loved one.

My desire to celebrate Valentine's Day in a positive light, in honor of my mom, is in no way an attempt to speed things up.  I'm real about the fact that it will simply be one step in a long journey of ups and downs ahead.  As I venture down that path, I will be sure to make time to feel what I need to feel, take care of myself, and know that it's all about making the most of my life as I have it.  One day at a time.

Just as my "first love" would want me to do it!


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