Even If Your Story Stinks, Be Thankful for It


Even If Your Story Stinks, Be Thankful for It
The Juicy Details Aside, Your Story of Heartbreak May Be the Story Others Need to Hear

So, if you have a story of betrayal or pain, and have survived unimaginable heartbreak, you may not need to tell it, but you may choose to share it.  You will know the difference between the need and the want and when the timing is right.

As you are gathering during this holiday season, and people ask you about yourself or your life, make a conscious decision.  Do I share this story for me, or do I share it for others? 


Even if the story really stinks. Even if it caused you some crazy pain.  It is your story.  If you are fortunate enough to already be at the cause of your life rather than at the effect of your past, then you are ready to share it.

If you’re not quite there yet, you will be. It may take a little work, but your time will come to hold on to what you want, release what you don’t and invite a new story in to replace the old one. 

At that point, give thanks for it.  Your story is "her story" or "his story" and most importantly, "history". Now you are ready for your future!

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