Cry, Admit You Did It, and Find Joy


Cry, Admit You Did It, and Find Joy
Why NOT Having It All Together Leads to Greater Happiness

Then, we can rely upon the wisdom of women who have have gone before us or who are walking alongside us and we can choose the strategies that best help us to find the opportunity in each of our challenges.  For me today, my method was to do a little writing in hopes that it would lift my mood.

I had no idea that finishing my last paragraph would leave me with a spark of joy.


Why?  Because, somehow, knowing that even one woman out there might benefit from hearing the message, "It's okay to cry" or "You don't have to pretend to have it all together all the time", gives me a sense of hope and of peace. 

At the same time, it leaves me with the reminder that my vulnerable moments are still about choice.  I choose to go there and I choose to come back up.  No more joy nose dives for least for today.

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