The Self-Help Black Hole: Can You Really Go It Alone?

Living in a world of do-it-yourself healing makes me feel like we have missed the point. What is the self help industry really teaching us?   That we must hide our ills and work to improve ourselves secretly, in the still of the night? I can see how silly we ...

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Why You Deserve The Luxurious Pleasure Of Traveling Solo

"To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world." — Freya Stark  I agree with Stark; there is something delicious about journeying alone, because travel broadens both the brain and heart. Of course, most of us travel in the same way we ...

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The Simple Joy In Choosing To Be Happy

My ex husband got married last week. People ask me if that upsets me, and the answer is no. We have nothing in common anymore, except co parenting our adult offspring. And actually? I hope this union will create happiness for him. I want that because I believe happy people treat their children with greater ...

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Valentine Love By The Numbers

Life and love are entwined for sure. The romance of being part of a couple has its own flavor. Sometimes sweeter than honey, and other times more bitter than desired. Valentine's day gets us reflecting on the mystery of love. No matter where we stand in the equation. Love adds up to 9. Did you know that ...

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Pampering: Are You Doing It Right?

Self care seems to be a buzzword for women looking to find the strength to "bounce back" and reenergize themselves. No matter the circumstances, when you're on overload, fraying, swaying or just all fired up from adrenaline, most experts suggest taking some time to pamper yourself. A little ...

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The Self-Help Black Hole: Can You Really Go It Alone?

Self help is a part-time hobby. To shift into a new belief system is a full-time occupation.

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The Simple Joy In Choosing To Be Happy

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Pampering: Are You Doing It Right?

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