A Woman's Place


A Woman's Place

So while new women leaders uncover our fighting strength, spiritual roots and salve for wounds, others have different role to play.   Meyer is here to remind us what happens when a woman gets to the top in a man’s world, and fights to show up as more of a man.

We need role players to recall of what happens when we forget “the lessons” we have learned so well.  


Emulation will not save us. Proving we can be tougher than a man will not change the rules.

But the anger these actions provoke will.   We need anger to shift, to take action.  That is the supreme role of anger.  To create movement, to shift us from complacency, from turning a blind eye to taking a stand.  Leaning in, stirring opinion and need from our own hearts, fired up by the old regime controlling us like nothing has changed, is the first step to changing the rules.

Men and women are both needed in the new world. Neither sex is blameless.  We all played our roles very well.   Now it is time to pay attention as we shift into our new roles. Neither sex vanquished or made the victim, no superior sex but equivalents.  Equality in our difference.  The truth is we have all been trapped in repeating mistakes, repelling truth and set on getting even.   If we want to right the might between the sexes we must take responsibility for ourselves, and teach our children how to do the same.   Looking outwards for answers, for approval or for liberation will not free us.   Taking a stand, speaking out and following our own truth will.

Are you ready to be a leader of your own light, not someone else’s darkness?


If you are intrigued and want to move towards equivalency here are some tips:

Pay attention when slipping into old “hunter gather” mentality. 

Avoid assumptions about why people behave or react. That is not your business.

What matters is getting familiar with and expressing your opinion, not a regurgitation of societal “rules”

Practice speaking up.  If it comes out wrong don’t beat yourself up just keep practicing. 

Send love instead of judgement to that woman in too tight clothing, she too has been a victim of rules.

Stop people pleasing in its tracks. Playing nice is an insidious habit that ruins any chance of equivalency for women.

Don’t let people get away with those snide remarks. Speak up but don’t punish or belittle them for having a difference of opinion, just let them know your opinion is different and valuable.

When horrible things happen look at the situation as an opportunity to take action that will spread what you believe in. Bullies get angry and beat someone up or blame them. Sheroes take small deliberate action to bring lasting change.

Recalling ancient wisdom, equalizing the sexual landscape and breaking victim and victor mindset requires a conscious effort of continued small steps, and much forgiveness.

Choose how you show up, ask for what you want, engage with respect and determination.

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